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Since the site is still under excavation the final publication is still some way away, but each year we produce an entry for inclusion in Discovery and Excavation in Scotland (DES), and we have collated these into one document for download, along with some background information about our work. The interim report for the Gateway to the Atlantic Project, some data structure reports (DSR) and Dr Alison Sheridan's specialist report on an interesting jet-like bead may also be downloaded below. Site videos are on YouTube and we regularly update our social media channels.

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We post a daily dig diary when we're excavating, with periodic updates throughout the year, and you can be the first to hear of new developments if you subscribe to our email newsletter. 

These links will take you to a summary of each year's Knowe of Swandro excavation results


2010 DIG    2011 DIG 

2012 DIG    2013 DIG

2014 DIG    2015 DIG

2016 DIG    2017 DIG

2018 DIG

For background information on Orkney's archaeology click here