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You guessed it - still backfilling!!

Day four of our backfilling bonanza continues, everyone is tired and sore but some of us can still ham it up for the camera:

Despite all the hard work Team Swandro are remaining unfailingly cheerful and willing - although did overhear one of the young American students asking Julie - the site co-director - how she managed to keep coming back to dig year after year knowing the effort it took to open and close the site. Julie's response was 'well, I think you just forget the pain in the intervening year!'.

We also had a flypast from Loganair's Westray flight - some of the pilots take the scenic route from Westray down Eynhallow Sound and do a low-level flypast over us - we always wave but I don't know if they spot us. Had a camera in my hand for once and got a pic:

We also got the tent down in the dry - I know we'll get wet at tea break tomorrow but at least we don't have to deal with wet canvas - people dry out a lot quicker than tents.

Now off for a beer or two - for medicinal reasons of course, it was either that or industrial quantities of ibuprofen and paracetamol and I reckon beer's probably better for you.


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