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Voids and cracked stones

Hard at it again still shifting stone but we've got enough uncovered that Julie (Bond, site co-director) can start to refresh her memory of the site stratigraphy in advance of us all getting stuck in.

We're making good progress though, and for a bit of a change today spent a while shifting sand bags instead or rock, although our sand bags are full of soil which is now waterlogged and heavy, so not a lot of fun but it did give us an opportunity to get our Mucktrucks out again as they're ideal for shifting soggy sandbags in bulk.

More and more of the site is slowly reappearing, and it was good to see the entrance passageway into the roundhouse again, even if it is a lot scruffier than when we lovingly put it to bed for the winter three years ago, there's voids opening up where no void existed before, with a lot of destabilised stone:

Unfortunately the sea has done a lot of damage to the walls on the seaward side of the entrance, working its way in under all the protection we had in place, and sucking out all the small stones and soil and shifting and cracking the stone. Basically the whole site is sliding down the slope into the sea at an ever increasing rate. Not looking forward to getting it all cleaned up, but that's a job for tomorrow.

And if you're wondering why there's a letter 'H' on the big slab behind Julie, the answer is I've no idea, but it's shown up on about 6 photos I took of the same stone and I didn't notice it at the time. I think it must be runnels of water coming off the protective membrane and running down cracks in the stone - will have to check in the morning.


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