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Thunderstorms R Us

Another day of filthy weather - don't you just hate it when the weather forecast is right? 'Thunderstorms easing by 9am' sounds hopeful but not when it's followed by 'heavy rain until 1pm'. Nearly got washed off the road driving to the boat and it was downhill from there really. The students and volunteers were stood down at 11am as the rain really was torrential and the rest of us caught up on paperwork and bits and pieces indoors hoping it would ease enough to at least go and see if the site had washed away or not.

Eventually it did stop raining and we managed to get along the flooded track to site and get a bit of digging done, it was even hot and sunny for a while. It's always good to get back on site after a big photo clean and recording session like we had yesterday - it means as a reward for all your hard work you get to remove all the stuff you've been so lovingly cleaning:

And before you all say how much of a mess it looks with tools lying all over the shop, they're my tools & I just hopped out to take a photo - you have to imagine someone in the gap between the matttock and the shovel, about to get filling the trugs in the foreground (which by the way are brilliant - sold as feed skips for horses they take loads of rocks and spoil and are impossible to break no matter how much you try - Alan even uses them as a comfy seat for when he's section drawing).

Great fun was being had by all but then the thundery weather decided to make a comeback and it got pretty wet again - but way too hot to put on waterproofs. Had to make a run for it to catch the boat home again and this is what the weather closing in on us looked like from up the top of the hill:

Here's hoping for a dry day tomorrow!


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