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Sweltering Swandro

Don't know what's wrong with our weather but today was blisteringly hot and calm with loads of annoying insects buzzing around and the site getting baked to a crust by a relentless sun. Star find of the day was this piece of a rotary quern from the Iron Age roundhouse, realise somewhat belatedly that photographing a stone against a background of more stones doesn't make for the best shot, sorry about that, blame the sun frying my brains:

Th interior of the roundhouse is progressing downwards satisfactorily under close supervision from Steve and Julie, it's nice claggy midden with lots of bone and shell and hasn't completely dried out in the sun so is reasonably workable:

Alan was again doing his best Lawrence of Arabia impression drawing an elevation of the chambered tomb passageway and adjacent later walling, I know for a fact that he's had that headress since at least 1984 - they made things to last in those days:

I don't think Lawrence of Arabia wore steel-toes rigger boots with his outfit though, (although he was of course an archaeologist, excavating at Carchemish with Leonard Woolley). Finally just to prove how ridiculously hot it was today, here's Imelda paddling, it'll be donkey rides and sandcastles next!


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