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Sweltering stone shifting in 21 degree heat - we may melt

Ridiculously hot today, I honestly don't know what the weather thinks it's doing this week, after a cold and dull start to the day it turned hot and the sunhats came out, with plenty of suncream slathered on too. It's surprisingly easy to get sunburnt in Orkney, especially if the day starts out cloudy & the sun sneaks up on you. Also easy to get wind burnt - face cream before bed is a definite requirement as you feel a bit like you just got sandpapered.

Still it was a nice day to welcome back old hand Talia, one of our enthusiastic American students from our 2019 field school for the City University of New York. We should also have Chloe, another American returner who was arriving last Saturday, but unfortunately due to all the current airline chaos got stranded in Iceland, spent 36 hours stuck in the airport so missed all her connections, and then was told she couldn't get a flight to the UK until this Saturday. As you can imagine she is not best pleased. Here she is in happier times, with her star find of the seal's tooth pendant in 2019:

Chloe had promised her friends that she'd get a tattoo of her first small find and she kept her word, I think this pic was taken soon after she got it and it looks quite sore to me, I bet she was happy it really was a 'small' find or else it would've hurt a lot more!

The heat was getting to everyone by the end of the day, although I think Star approved, greyhounds not having any body fat to speak of are a bit like lizards and need to bask a lot to keep warm, plus they like to sleep for about 23 hours a day, so sleeping in the sun in their number 2 favourite thing to do (no. 1 being eating, especially stolen food):

Everyone had worked so hard that a early halt was called so that the team could visit Midhowe broch, conveniently just up the shore from Swandro, to get a good look at Iron Age architecture, and hopefully mean that our Iron Age roundhouse will make more sense to them when we get it uncovered and tidied up.

Weather forecast for tomorrow looks a bit wet then cloudy all day, so at least we'll have a chance to recover from today!


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