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Stone shifting in the sunshine

A dry sunny day today, perfect for starting to shift the stone off the main site on the beach, usually we seem to do this in the pouring rain so it made a nice change, and not quite so many clegs as there are up the longer grass. Our faithful trugs were put to good use again, sold for horse feeding, but perfect for hoicking stone off site (and of course at the end putting it all back again).

Mind you, I think the good folk at Birsay Farmers thought I must have a secret horse herd when I bought their entire stock a few years back and asked them to order me another 20 to go with them, but they've lasted really well and nothing else would do the trick. We made good progress and by the end of the day had cleared a big area of the roundhouse down to the protective membrane ready for the big reveal:

Tried to get them all to smile for the end of week team photo but I think they were all a bit too tired and thinking of a nice cold beer in the pub tonight.

That's us off for a well earned rest, normal service resumes on Sunday when the covers will be coming off after a bit more stone shifting, and the real fun begins.


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