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Still trugging on

More of the same today - endless trugs full of stone to be shifted, followed by a little light relief in the form of shifting sandbags. At least it stayed fine and dry all day, overcast so not too hot and more of the site is starting to appear so it feels like we're getting somewhere.

We also have quite a nice collection of milk thistles growing out of some of the sandbags, seemed a shame to have to cut them down after they'd gone to all the effort of growing.

It was good to see the entrance passageway start to appear from under the sandbags, last year we had a lot of detritus dumped by the sea in this area, but all was in pristine condition this year, although there is a big build up of stone and seaweed below the site.

Tomorrow we're going to start on shifting the sandbags off the second half of the excavation area, so by the end of the day we ought top have most of it uncovered, following which I expect we're due a start-of-year photo clean.


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