Soggy Swandro Saturday

Only 72 hours to go before the team arrive on site to start the 2018 dig, a frantic day of activity finishing loading of the big site trailer & getting it over to Rousay on the boat. Hoped for a bonny day but it was definitely full waterproof & much sogginess.

Landy with Swandro trailer safely loaded on the MV Eynhallow

Got down to site safely then spent a while attempting to level said trailer in a what seems to be one of the least flat areas of Rousay - much reversing back & forth attempting to find a patch where both sets of wheels were reasonably level. Managed it in the end and amazingly both of us were still speaking to each other despite wet feet & lack of cups of tea:

Level at last! Swandro trailer delivered to site

We also set up our brand new 'Welcome to Swandro' banner with an aerial pic of the site, which was interesting to say the least with a slippy path & gusty wind catching it at inopportune moments. Lots of guy ropes & sandbags later it is (hopefully) secure - crossed fingers that it's still there on Monday morning.

Our welcome to Swandro board

Apologies for the blurry picture - we were pushed for time for the boat home - in true islander fashion we made the boat just as they were loading with about a minute to spare. Now to do it all again on Monday with the next trailer!

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