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Rocks and pots

Started the day moving more slabs of stone down our plank and sandbag walkways, but the weather has been against us all day, starting out as miserable drizzle which gradually became torrential rain around 1230, forcing us off site for the first time this season.

The problem with our site in heavy rain is claggy middeny surfaces which damage easily if you try and work them in the wet, and slippy stones and seaweed which damage the diggers if you try and work on them in the wet, hence having to abandon site.

No chance of a star find today, but here's one we found earlier, a tiny piece of pottery very finely made, which got us wondering if it might possibly be a piece of imported Roman ware. The photo has been sent to a few people and also looked at by our own on-site pottery specialist Alice, as seen above in her natural habitat shifting rocks, who has just given me the following update: 'Still ongoing debate amongst everyone! I can say it is an everted rim small jar or beaker with a very fine fabric that is burnished internally and externally. Currently unsure of the date. We can't find a good convincing match'. Will let you all know if we get more information on this.

The weather forecast is better for the rest of the week, a bit breezy but nothing too over the top and looking a bit drier, so hopefully we won't lose any more time at least in the short term.


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