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Orkney's newest art installation

You've no doubt come across artists who wrap buildings, but how about wrapping orthostats in an Iron Age roundhouse? And if it counts as an art installation do you think we can get a grant for it?

No, the strain of backfilling isn't getting to us - well, not much anyway - and this is all for a good reason, which is to give the roundhouse's orthostatic divisions some extra protection before they get covered in Terram membrane, sandbagged and covered with stone. We're using good old-fashioned hessian sacking - which you can buy in 40 metre rolls in the builders merchant - plus lots of string. They do look very fetching when they're finished, before the team started to pack them all in with the sandbags, carefully avoiding Julie who was doing her final site notes:

Weather wasn't great today though - the Met Office forecast said it would be dry, but Radio Orkney said heavy showers and unfortunately they were right and the Met were wrong. We carried on regardless though - it's all got to be done and dusted by Friday so there's no choice whatever happens!


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