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Not-rain & high tech gear

Started out with a fair bit of 'not-rain', which is what we call it when all the various weather forecasts claim that it's not raining but we're all in full waterproofs, as demonstrated rather stylishly by Alice doing a bit of recording over in Trench F:

Rose meanwhile was busy taking Kubiena tins (actually plastic downpipe, not tins, as per a previous post) of the floor surfaces in Structure 6, around the rather nice hearth. To the right of the hearth is a whale vertebra hollowed out into a bowl or a socket, sunk next to the hearth itself, which will be lifted shortly and taken back to the lab for careful conservation:

Klaudia had a couple of nice finds today, the first this little worked stone, possibly granite, with a nice groove and some tiny peck marks, maybe a little finishing or polishing stone, unfortunately the photo doesn't do it justice:

Her second was this mould fragment, again not looking its best in the photo, a lot better looking in the flesh:

We had our last new arrival today, Tom Sparrow up for a week from Bradford to do some survey, GPS and laser scanning work, came straight off the boat and got set up, here getting his GPS to talk to both the satellites and his total station:

That total station is one that follows you holding the target automatically and takes the readings on its own, so you can work solo. All of this gear is extremely expensive, about £60,000 for the lot, which means Tom never lets it out of his sight, last night he even slept in his van with it all before getting the boat, there's dedication for you.

He's using the laser scanner to get final images before we close up for the year, which will be used for a 3-D recreation of the site at a later stage:

Luckily by the time Tom arrived the 'not rain' had finally gone so it was safe to get his gear out, must remember to ask him tomorrow if he laser scanned Daisy or if she'd moved by the time he got round to that bit.


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