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Mystery worked antler

Star find of the day goes to Wendy, fittingly on her last day on site, for this piece of worked antler. Not entirely sure why its been cut like that although a few different suggestions have been made including trial piece, or a spare bit that you put under something else to stop damaging your cutting blade against the stone you were resting it on etc. Luckily Alan Braby, who knows just about everything there is to know about worked bone having both illustrated and made replicas of most of the known Scottish examples, is arriving tomorrow and will be able to take a look at it.

Elsewhere on site there were some other rather less than impressive attempts to claim star find of the day, firstly from Caz with an elongated hammerstone which didn't make the grade, even wearing its small finds bag as a jaunty hat didn't help to elevate it into star find territory:

Newly arrived Sarah George, who in her day job is the Archaeology Librarian at the University of Bradford, so well known to our students, tried to get in on the act by holding up a random rock from the section she was cleaning, but again failed to impress the judges.

Meanwhile Lindsey was teaching Michal how to take photogrammetry photos, here placing the targets in the ground that will be 3-D recorded and used to locate the images.

Just to finish off with, here's one of Steve's drone shots from last week's photo clean, you can really only appreciate the whole thing when seen from above:

That's us off now until Sunday, do come and visit us if you can we'd be very pleased to see you.

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Jul 07

Amazing!!! Wish I was there... carry on the good work, Trish x

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