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Monsoon Monday

After yesterday's torrential rain we were hoping for a bit better today, the Met Office forecast was more downpours most of the day, but Radio Orkney was a bit more hopeful with talk of showers, and it did start not quite as wet, although Trench F looked a bit sorry for itself:

We had hoped it would dry up a bit so we could bale it out and get it mopped up, but unfortunately it turned out that the Met Office was right and by lunchtime the rain had turned to monsoon like conditions with rivers running down the roads again, so we had to call it a day.

Gave me the rare luxury of getting back home on the early boat and enjoying a slightly damp walk with the dogs, including Star, the retired racing greyhound, who dig diary aficionados will remember as the 2022 dig dog. Star has now decided to retire for a second time, leaving the post of dig dog vacant, to pursue her other interests, which largely involve sleeping interspersed with snoozing:

Given the weather at the moment can't say I blame her, but it's looking brighter for tomorrow so fingers crossed.


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