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Mattocks and clegs (again)

It's been another day of deturfing closely followed by mattocking in our new trench over the wall in the field, a bit of a muggy day with the clegs biting as usual, but we do now have a very nice turf rampart to admire:

We're in the field just over the stone dyke at the back of this photo, which shows the Norse longhouse under excavation in the 1960s, we're hoping to come down onto the continuation of the rubble or flagging at the top:

We do have our suspicions that a fair bit of the stone used in building the stone dyke in the 19th century came from the longhouses, it's certainly substantially built of decent stone in the section nearest the buildings.

Site director Steve has a new addition to his extensive camera collection, having bought himself a drone, which he's using to great effect and I did manage to capture one decent pic of it just as it was taking off, although it does look a bit as if it's doing a bombing run on the road cone.

In case you're wondering what a road cone is doing on site, Gavin our surveyor finds that they're very handy for putting over survey points to prevent clumsy diggers from tripping over them while he's trying to work. I forgot to take a pic of Gavin surveying but he used my phone to get a shot of us mattocking and inadvertently took a rather fine selfie so that'll have to do:

He's probably going to be deeply unimpressed with me using that but shot but since we've now got a day off he'll surely have forgiven me by the time we come back on Sunday...


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