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Lights, camera, action!

I'll give you three guesses as to what we were doing today but you'll only need one...yep you've got it, moving yet more of the 1,500 sandbags we've used to protect the site over the winter. We have had lots of practice shifting them since we first used them in 2022 so we have a decent system going, as you can see from our little demo video:

I think it captured it all pretty well and we were on our best behaviour as she-who-must-be-obeyed aka Dr Julie Bond our esteemed site co-director had warned us all not to swear while she was filming.

Everyone was getting pretty tired by this afternoon, so we decided to head up towards Midhowe taking the opportunity to put all of our signboards in place to guide visitors from Midhowe down to site. Caz stopped off at Skaill Farm with the brushcutter to clear a path down to the shore and get rid of the worst of the nettles through Skaill so visitors don't have to wade through vegetation, and everyone else continued on up to Midhowe tomb and broch for a tour with Julie, who took a rather nice artistic shot of the team in the doorway:

Swandro excavation team visiting Midhowe broch in Rousay

We're working tomorrow (Friday) and having Saturday & Sunday off this week, so we're open to visitors if you're planning to be in Rousay, just follow the signs and we'll be happy to see you.


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