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It's official - Swandro is go!

First day on site with the full team, students from Bradford and CUNY together with old lags and volunteers - and our first task - after the health & safety briefing - was to start moving the seaweed from over the rocks that are over our site:

This doesn't sound so bad but it wasn't all dry fronds, we had some pretty squishy stuff well embedded in the shingle, and by now it was of course raining:

Anyway once we'd got most of the seaweed off it was time to start on moving the stone. As regular readers will know, because we're basically excavating on the storm beach we have to take off all the rock at the start of the season and then put it back at the end, to give the underlying archaeology as much protection as we can over the winter. This means moving about 60 tonnes of rock by hand using our good old rubber trugs (which normal people use for taking food to horses)

Still everyone managed to remain cheerful despite the rain, and our new benches were finally fully used for a slightly soggy lunch break:

Weather forecast's a bit better tomorrow, looks like it might be dry the rest of the week, which is good because we can't put the diggers tent up until the ground penetrating radar & geophysics surveys have been done!


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