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Help! Our site is disappearing!

OK, so it's only disappearing in the immediate sense because we're steadily backfilling it with stone and sandbags, but in the wider sense it is in fact disappearing due to the ravages of the Atlantic Ocean, so I'm not that far out.

It's been that strange combination of Orkney weather today - boiling hot (in our terms i.e. up to 22 degrees C) but with a strong south westerly wind, not ideal when you're trying to unfurl reams of protective membrane to wrap the site before filling it in. The sandbags are being deployed to good effect, bracing up orthostats and walls before we cover them over:

More of the same tomorrow although it's meant to be cooler and wetter, so a bit of a mixed blessing. Hopefully all of our knees and backs will hold up till we get finished.


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