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End of week minus one!

The Swandro Advance Team (Klaudia, Hollie, Hannah & Caz) are pleased to report that they have successfully completed week minus one: the finds hut is set up to Hollie-the-finds-supremo's satisfaction; over 1,400 small finds bags have been labelled; finds trays organised; the path to the site laid so now we don't have to wade through the quagmire and the entire site has been strimmed & raked clean of grass. All of this has taken its toll, especially on hands which have grown soft over the winter:

They'll soon harden off - as my old Tae Kwon Do instructor used to say 'No Pain No Gain' - he was also very fond of 'If it hurts it's doing you good' - nothing like a bit of Nietzscheian philosophy to spur you on!

Also today all the site information boards and the signs that lead visitors to the site have been positioned:

You have to excuse the lack of the Orkney flags - it was a bit breezy today & didn't want them to get shredded so they'll be going up on Monday when we open for business.

Finally Steve & Julie our esteemed site directors arrived today - a great relief as that means I'm no longer the responsible adult on site, haven't got a pic of them arriving as I'd just got off the boat that they were getting on & I was too busy trying not to get run over by the council lorry going over to work on the roads. You'll have to content yourselves with this shot of the Advance team (minus Klaudia who's taking the pic) relaxing in (one of!!) the massive heaps of grass they've spent the week raking off the site:

And as compensation for Klaudia, who hates having her photo taken and has been in most of this weeks dig diaries in unflattering poses, as promised this is one of yours truly with the infamous Pastel Pink Pitchfork:

Can't wait for Monday - and it is now most definitely beer o'clock!!


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