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Elvire does it again!

OK, this is getting monotonous - yet again, star find of the day goes to Elvire, who is working in the 1st century AD roundhouse subdivision, and came up with this stone spindle whorl, she does at least have the grace to look a bit embarrassed at hogging the limelight yet again

Here's a better shot of it in closeup, we think it's the usual sandstone but it will need to be carefully cleaned up before we are sure, the gungy midden isn't making it look its best:

The rest of the site however is looking good, cleaned up for its photo. The rough flagging in the entrance passageway is showing up well:

You'll have to excuse us leaving all the blue sandbags in place against the exterior wall, they're there for a reason: there's been such bad erosion over the last three years that the sandbags are pretty much all that's stopping that section of walling sliding into the sea.

Sarah also had a nice find, not quite the star but as reward for all her hard work, a bit of decorated pottery which she was very pleased with as you can see:

Here it is in close up, I think that's a very artistic shot that Chloe's taken for me, the biggest disembodied hand in Rousay:

There was even birthday cake today, in honour of Alice, who celebrated her big day yesterday, and yes, you are right, Rose is drinking her tea out of a cup and saucer, you can't say that we don't do things properly here at Swandro!


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