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Calm before the storm

Another dry day apart from a light sprinkle of rain around lunchtime, so we managed to finish the plans and elevations of Kaland's longhouse. Tomorrow we get started on shifting stone on the main site ready to get the covers off hopefully on Sunday, so we'll look back on today as our last day of relative calm before the hard slog begins.

The big event of the day was the eventual arrival of old hand Tom, who was supposedly coming in on the last boat after flying in from Edinburgh, but due to flight delays arrived too late to catch it. This is something of a pattern for Tom, although not as bad as last year when I think it took him an extra three days to get here due to all sorts of flight problems and then he finally arrived without his luggage. Not to worry, we took him in and fed him Chinese takeaway and Guinness, and he'll be safely delivered to Rousay in the morning.

It's now really late and getting past my bedtime owing to entertaining Tom, so that's it for now, off to brace for tomorrow.


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