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Bone thingies and gigantic dogs

Keith gets star find of the day today, with a bone thingy, which might be a net mending needle from the size of it, nice point with a hole bored in it anyway:

Here it is in his hand zoomed out, largely for the shot of his very stylish hat - he did have one with loads of badges on it but that has sadly been lost somewhere in the 3 years since our last season. He's also lost his hips since then - OK technically they weren't lost, some very skilled NHS surgeons took them out and put him some metal ones back instead, and now he can dig just as good as new:

Back on the shore Bonnie was still hard at it locating her survey points, she's been laser scanning the beach to chart the progression of the coastal erosion at Swandro since 2019, so far it looks like there's been quite a lot more than we were anticipating:

Elsewhere yet more rubble removal and photo cleaning, the area of collapsed roundhouse is finally beginning to look more like a building and less like a building site:

And here's the promised gigantic dog - Miski, the Newfoundland belonging to the Taversoe Hotel, the only pub in Rousay and hence very important when you have a lot of thirsty diggers. Carey and Carol at the Tav are also doing a splendid job of feeding our students, delivering large vats of food to them every night, all of which vanishes in short order.

Sarah, a fellow lecturer at Bradford along with our site directors and also subject librarian, escaped Bradford university to come and work on site, and today was her last day. She was very disappointed to have missed site dog Star as she had been following her Facebook adventures, but made up for it on her last night by making friends with Miski:

Star sends her apologies, but she was urgently required at home to supervise two of the three the new kittens - Smokey & the Bandit (Freyja was just out of shot).

She's actually a bit miffed as she can't get into the cage to pinch their food, she had tried hence the bits of rope. She hopes to be back on site next week, and also hopes that everyone has saved her all the bits of cheese that she should have had in the interval.


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