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Bit breezy today

Another bright sunny and dry day but complete with the not unusual Orkney accompaniment of a brisk breeze, which got breezier as the day wore on, we started out with a final clean so Lindsey could get some start of the dig photos, Our first visitors arrived early on, and we had a steady stream throughout the day.

Gavin had the total station set up to get Lindsey's photos points tied in to the site grid, it made it feel like we've really started to see that on the go again. Gavin's hat is really cool, it has a decorated band around which looks like Norse gripping beasts, and I was really amazed that it didn't take off down the site as by this time the wind was certainly gusting to the 35 - 40 mph promised in the weather forecast.

It did make holding the prism for the total station a bit of a challenge, it's all done by laser to a laser target on a stick, and you're supposed to hold it steady and get the little bubble in the level on the back of it centred, to show that you're holding it completely vertical. It has never been explained to me how you are supposed to manage this feat when it's blowing a hoolie & you're struggling to stand upright and steady yourself let alone minding the little bubble.

Meanwhile work carried on to clear the stone off the site lower down the beach, I must say our youngsters have been working like heroes flat out for the last seven days shifting rock and sandbags with not a moan out of any of them, and could even still find the energy to pose for the camera:

In fact the only member of the team who misbehaved today was Star the site dog, who is struggling somewhat with the concept that just because we all sit on the ground at break time, and so consequently there's a lunchbox with delicious sliced meat sitting on the grass, it doesn't necessarily mean that it's been put there for the benefit of any passing greyhound who might be feeling a bit peckish. Oops. You have to admire her technique though, long pointy nose right in there, chicken inhaled, before Chloe even noticed. As you can see she was duly contrite and retired to meditate on her behaviour and how it might be improved in the future. Or maybe she's just sleeping off a full belly.

Anyway we've got two full days off now as everyone really needs a break, but we'll be back on site with a vengeance ready & raring to go on Wednesday.


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