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Backfilling begins

Always a sad day - today we started backfilling the site, we have to get it done by the end of the week and there's an awful lot of rock to move by hand, doing it in the traditional manner with rock passed hand to hand to cover the Terram membrane:

Hard work but we only managed to get on site at 1pm due to monsoon-like conditions this morning, we did work until late to make up for it although I had to leave to catch the 5.30 boat so missed the last hour. In my defence I was down this morning in torrential rain walking endlessly back and forth between Midhowe and Swandro carrying back all the notice boards that have been pointing the way in for visitors (and repeatedly asking myself did we really need so many & why did I make them so heavy?).

Bonnie, Klaudia and Hollie were on site even earlier and managed to get the final mega site laser scan done before the rain closed in, but got drenched getting out again.

More of the same tomorrow but the weather forecast is now fairly dry for the rest of the week so hopefully we'll crack on. Slightly worryingly though one of the students (who are all staying together in the hostel) didn't make it in today as she was up all night throwing up, so we're really, really hoping that it was just something she ate and not something that's catching - that would put a spanner in the works if everyone goes down with it!


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