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Backfilling and backache

It had to happen but wish it hadn't - we've started backfilling the lower levels of site today. There's some last minute photo cleaning, sampling and lifting of surface animal bone that we don't think will survive over the winter, but apart from that it's just hard graft. I think Chloe was a bit worried that we'd forget she was there and backfill her too, but we're not that cruel:

In between hoicking rocks we did a bit of light sandbag moving, just another 500 that had to be got up from the beach, really don't know why anyone was in a state of collapse afterwards:

At least Peter was looking cheerful, but that night have been because it's his last day and he was off back to his day job as a neurosurgeon at the ARI, so no more sandbags to move for a while.

The weather turned horribly wet in the afternoon, so Keith and Alan picked the perfect day to be doing more of their Iron Age re-enacting in the newly refurbished Rousay Heritage Centre. Here's Alan modelling Keith's new helmet, only just arrived home and I think he said it was a style found in France

There were more peaceful pursuits though and one young visitor was having fun, his parents kindly allowed me to take his photo for the diary, although I forgot to ask his name:

The rain is still hammering down tonight but it's meant to be dryer tomorrow, but our sandbags will be heavier - pity the folk in the hosepipe ban areas can't have some of our rain really.


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