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Another soggy Sunday

First day of the week for us and started out with a little light sandbag removal to get a good look at the wall head above the blocked doorway into Structure 5, the later sub division of the roundhouse. Weather dry if a bit muggy, with plentiful cleggs as usual even on the beach, but looking like a decent enough day. Alice, Chloe, Klaudia and Poppy as usual sporting a fine selection of head gear, rather unusually stylish for archaeologists:

Over in Structure 6 Tom and Jackie were hard at it, Jackie rather letting the team down as the only one without a hat, but at least the weather was holding good.

Just after lunch the weather turned to torrential rain, we tried to carry on for a bit but the site was steadily flooding and the surfaces becoming unworkable, so unfortunately by mid afternoon we had to call a halt. Rain came on torrential again about 7pm and in places quite thundery, hopefully it will have stopped by tomorrow, we do at least have plenty of buckets and sponges to bail out the site.


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