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Ring a ring a Rose(y)

Another cold, damp and breezy day but everyone on site was cheered up by Rose's star find, a lovely little bronze ring or link from the floor levels inside the roundhouse:

Typical that this should turn up when all of our students, accompanied by Gavin & your humble blog author, were off site on a jaunt around the West Mainland to visit some of the major sites - I seem to remember that this happened in previous years too, there's always something juicy turns up when we're off with the students. Ho hum, it will be something to show them tomorrow when we're all back on site. They seemed to enjoy their trip out, we headed to the Stones of Stenness, then the Ness of Brodgar excavation, which was shut it being a Saturday, but we had special permission of site director Nick Card to visit when closed. I think all of our team were a bit jealous about the whole tyres and plastic approach to protecting the Ness, having spent a lot of time moving the storm beach over the last few weeks:

After that it was off to the Ring of Brodgar, followed by Skara Brae, where our free educational visit had been very kindly arranged for us by Mary, the site manager. It took several goes, but I did finally get them all to look like they were enjoying themselves, posed here in the replica house:

It was a bit strange to see them all in clean clothes and smart jackets, sadly we're losing Haira, Oliver and Keiran this week when they all have to go back south to their summer jobs. Still, back on site tomorrow and the weather forecast is claiming that it will be dry!


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