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Backfilling begins

That's getting to the end of the season for us, today was last minute excavation and recording, with the start of the backfilling, working around folk still digging and trying not to maroon them in the middle of the site with no way out. Alan was cleaning round the second whalebone socket, this one in very poor condition and likely to crumble when we try to lift it no matter how careful we are:

Julie was doing her final records in Structure 5 while we sandbagged behind her:

The rest of us were shifting sandbags from our mega stack, carefully removed from site at the start of the season:

And of course that old favourite, shifting stones from one place to another:

Boiling hot day, coupled with the fact that many of the team were a little under the weather having attended an excellent island wedding ceilidh last night, which, as these things do, went on into the early hours, made it all seem like a very long day. Most of them have this evening headed off to the pub for a quick 'recovery beer' which considering how many sandbags we've got to shift tomorrow they've probably earned.


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