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Dodgy accents and dozing dogs

Started off the day dull and cloudy then came out into blazing sunshine. The team in Trench F looking under the possible Viking flagging found what seemed like a fairly chunky wall, here ably supervised by Daisy the dog:

Over on the sieves we welcomed new recruit Sharon up from Aberdeen, alongside Karla all the way from New York, a site regular who started out as a City University of New York student some years ago, but now comes back during her summer holidays. We're always glad to see her, even if her attempts to do a British accent sound a bit like a female version of Dick Van Dyke in Mary Poppins, possibly crossed with Michael Caine in the original Italian Job:

The sunny weather was playing havoc with Steve's photos over in the main trench, which had been cleaned to within an inch of its life for a photo but the sun refused to go behind a cloud and Steve wasn't very happy with all the shadows, so might need to redo them in the morning, ideally after a very short rain shower to bring out all the colours.

Meanwhile in the finds trailer Talia and Michal were hard at work cataloguing finds and writing out new small finds bags, a mind-numbingly boring but essential part of keeping the site running, amazed that Talia managed to look so cheerful:

Back over in Trench F the possible wall under the flags had turned out to be a bit less wall like than it first looked, only being one course deep but built of big slabs of stone nevertheless. Not sure what Gavin was looking so worried about though, think the heat might've been getting to him:

Daisy had definitly had enough and retired to a convenient patch of shade under one of the trailers for a snooze, there's a dog that's got her priorities right:


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