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Dig diary Thursday 6th July

The team are working like heroes, human JCBs the lot of them (in deference to our American readers, I think that’s a human backhoe but I could be wrong). We have a Transatlantic team, with diggers from the University of Bradford and the CUNY in the USA

We’ve just about got Structure 2 uncovered, they’ll be glad of a rest tomorrow. (We work Sunday to Thursday, and are closed Friday and Saturday if you’re planning to visit).

We’re also going to be featuring on BBC Radio Scotland’s Out of Doors programme, one of the presenters, Mark Stephen, is in Orkney at the minute and has been doing the rounds interviewing everyone.

The Beeb were up doing a gardening programme and they like to make the most of their time away, so yesterday they were in Rousay. Mark interviewed site directors Steve and Julie and went to some of the other sites along the Westness shore with Julie Gibson, Orkney’s County Archaeologist, and Dr Ingrid Mainland from the UHI, zooarchaeologist.

Unfortunately no-one though to take a photo of them all so you’ll just have to imagine it. The programme should be on the internet after the broadcast so I’ll keep an ear out for it and let you know.

Thank you again to all of you kind people who have been making donations towards our £1500 ‘Save our Finds Hut’ appeal – we’re still a ways off our target so if you happen to find some spare change down the back of the couch that you could send our way that would be much appreciated.

And finally, this is for Tom’s mum: isn’t he handsome! Could do with a wash though...

Tom for his mum who's keeping in touch from across the Atlantic via our dig diary!
Tom for his mum who's keeping in touch from across the Atlantic via our dig diary!


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