Dig diary 2nd July - we canna take much more of this Captain!

It's still klegg central here at Swandro in the stifling heat, the little devils are running out of places to bite us and today there was barely a hint of a breeze to keep them away. It all got too much for Lindsay who was spotted standing on our neatly revetted stone pile trying to look for an avenue of escape:

Despite the difficult conditions everyone's been carrying on, and we're making good progress uncovering the site, with the chambered tomb entrance cleared and the trench above it reopened.

Chambered tomb entrance at the left, trench above being opened

It looks like we may have located the continuation of the entrance passageway of the tomb, a section of walling which you can see in the foreground in the photo below, but it's not altogether clear if this is really the case - we'll have to clean the area up and investigate further

Is this the chambered tomb passageway or a later addition?

Worked also continued at the erosion edge on the beach directly below the tomb entrance, with a series of rubble deposits - it's too early to say whether this is part of the core of the tomb or later activity

Looking along the erosion line below the tomb

Whatever the conditions on land we do at least have one of the best view in Orkney across Eynhallow Sound, and today there was the added interest of Green Marine's heavy lift barge crane being towed through to Kirkwall;

Green Marine's crane barge going through Eynhallow sound

Closer into the shore we have a resident colony of Eider ducks with ducklings, although sad to say the duckling count is diminishing every day - the bonxies (great skuas) are taking quite a few. The way the weather's been we've all been very tempted to join the ducks in the water, but we'd probably just get stung by jellyfish to add to our klegg bites!

The Swandro eider duck collection

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