More Information and Reports

We have lots more about Cata Sand for you to explore. If you really want to get inside one of the Neolithic houses at Cata Sand, then have a look at the work of Dr Hugo Anderson-Whymark, National Museums Scotland, who has done a fabulous 3-D reconstruction. 

For a closer look at the whale bones we have three videos posted on Facebook:

Whale bones Part 1


Whale bones Part 2

Whale bones Part 3

Data Structure Reports

The final publication of the Cata Sand excavation will not be completed until after the excavation is over and the post-excavation analysis is completed. In the meantime the Data Structure Reports give a basic summary of the work completed in each season and may be downloaded here. 

Media Coverage

The discovery of the whale bones attracted quite a lot of publicity and there's a good piece on the BBC news website with a video of an interview with Professor Downes on a sunny if windswept day on site (although if you're outside the UK you may not be able to view this due to BBC rules, which are outside of our control).

The New York Times website covered coastal erosion issues at a number of Orkney sites, including at both Swandro and Cata Sand, as well as Skara Brae. Their team included a drone pilot, and they got some impressive aerial shots of the sites, which are well worth watching.