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Please see our information about the excavation and about the Trust to find out more about our activities. You may also be interested in the index of all our past dig diary entries.


We welcome visitors to the excavation during the dig season and we are also happy to take volunteers subject to space being available.


We couldn't work at Swandro without our supporters, most importantly the landowners at Swandro, Russell & Kathryn Marwick, to whom we are extremely grateful, and also the people of Rousay



The  Swandro – Orkney Coastal Archaeology Trust is racing against time and tide to raise the money for our top priority project, the excavation and recording of the site at the Knowe of Swandro, in the Orkney island of Rousay.  Every winter the Atlantic gales take more of the site – a largely undisturbed Neolithic chambered tomb, with Iron Age roundhouses and Pictish buildings.  We owe it to our ancestors and future generations to record these burials and houses before they are lost forever to the encroaching ocean.


We are currently fundraising for our 2018 season, which will hopefully be from late June until early August - watch this space for details. Please visit our ‘why we need your help’ page for more information about our fundraising aims and how we will spend the money we raise, and visit our donations page if you would like to help. You can also shop for Swandro.


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These links will take you to a summary of each year's Knowe of Swandro excavation results.


Background to the project



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