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Swandro (soggy) photo awards day

We're totally fed up with the weather as the annoying drizzly mist again turned to a torrential downpour by just short of lunchtime and forced us off site. Have looked at the photos and decided that today is the first official Swandro photo awards ceremony.

The prize for best selfie goes to Alice, fetchingly modelling her Swandro hat under all the waterproofs and even managing a small grin, or perhaps that's a grimace:

The award for best 'I can't believe you're actually standing there taking a photo of me in this weather, especially when you know how much I hate wearing full waterproofs' look goes to Lucy:

The award for dogged persistence in trowelling on in the face of adversity goes to Alex:

Best pose of the day goes as usual to Michal, just before the rain started in earnest:

And finally best attempting to make yet another soggy photo look vaguely interesting goes to Caz:

That's all folks, off to dry out my boots & waterproofs, tomorrow is another day which the Met office is claiming might be dry but we've heard that one before!


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