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Star finds, we got 'em

Star finds are a bit like buses, you wait ages for one then three come along at once. First off Chloe found a lovely little dragon's egg, aka a really nice well shaped multi tool, hammer stone on one side and really nice pestle on the end:

Then up popped this piece of copper alloy, identified by Alan as a pin shaft, and he should know considering he's probably illustrated just about every Iron Age pin in Scotland:

Then to cap it all Alice found a huge piece of really good quality Neolithic pottery, a rim sherd from a carinated bowl:

This came from near the bottom of the rubble infill of a possible revetted ditch in area D, the trench we've opened up on the beach below the smithy. Other pottery from the area is definitly Iron Age, so finding such a nice carinated sherd too is a little unusual, one explanation is that it may possibly be redeposited from when the Neolithic chamber tomb underlying the Iron Age roundhouse was robbed out for stone.

Meanwhile, Michal, who's been kept busy along with Gavin recording all our small finds, has become so attached to his surveyor's laser target that he even takes it to tea breaks with him:

To round off a day of star finds right at the end, 5 minutes before we knocked off for our days off, little antler handle turned up:

Everyone's off to the Taversoe for the pub quiz tonight, the honour of the site is at stake since there are rival teams of diggers from Skaill Farm also going, I expect much beer will be drunk and a good time had by all, we'll be back on Sunday for more fun in the sun, hopefully not too hungover!


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