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Old friends reunited

First day back on site after our weekend, another mixed day weather wise, a bit cold and damp in the morning but dried up later on. We had a few new arrivals of old hands together with special guests, including Dr Cathy Batt, our archaeomagnetic dating specialist from the University of Bradford, here to sample some of our many hearths:

Old hands Keith and Alan were back too, and got stuck in to our iron smelting furnace:

Lastly Jake was back, we last had the pleasure of his company in 2019 and he's still got the cheeriest grin on site, here very pleased with his find of a piece of slag, which although very interesting in an archaeometallurgy sense is not really very photogenic.

The furnace is looking good though, and Julie also gets to do some yoga whilst discussing the finer points with Alan, although I'm not sure that downward facing dog is meant to be done over an orthostat:

Elsewhere the team of Alice, Sarah, Michal and Caz were demonstrating the art of shifting a big heavy rock out of a deep hole without breaking either yourself or the site, using some lifting strops more usually used to haul things off a lorry.

We bought these a few years back and they really do help with the bigger rocks, what would be a bit of a struggle for two people becomes easy with four, and no need to worry about getting your fingers caught in the process.

Safely to the top of the trench the team posed for a photo, Michal hamming it up for the camera as usual.

Hopefully the weather will settle down and warm up a bit, it's not yet feeling much like July.


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