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It's Deja vu all over again...

Another day, a different digger but a very similar bone pin to the one found yesterday by Keith, that we thought might be for net mending:

This time found by Jackie McKinley (in real life Principal Osteoarchaeologist for Wessex Archaeology), who had just been complaining that she never found anything but pot, then came up with the pin just before home time.

Work continued in the roundhouse subdivision, but strangely Elvire and Keith didn't find anything really good - just loads of bits of pot as you can see from all the small finds tags there:

Keith and Alan, in addition to their work on site, are also Living History reenactors (multi-period, just like Swandro) and will be performing at our Open Day, which is next Saturday 30th July. Here they are in their 'peaceful Norse' mode:

Although to be honest I think I prefer them in their 'bloodthirsty Viking' mode:

Meanwhile, since Tom, who is a bit of a sieving aficionado (slightly oddly, he actually enjoys it), has left to head back to the USA, everyone's having to take their turn, but at least Peter looks as if he's enjoying it:

Hopefully Tom will have got back safe by now, and without spending days stranded somewhere without his luggage, which is what happened on the way here. The sieves miss you Tom!!


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