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Dig diary Friday 7th July

Updated: Apr 19, 2018

Today’s a Friday so it’s a day off for the team, they’ve been out sightseeing in the West Mainland – here they all are at the Stones of Stenness – all clean & tidy & on their best behaviour:

Team Swandro at the Stones of Stenness
Team Swandro at the Stones of Stenness

Dig director Steve was taking them all to see our friends at the nearby Ness of Brodgar dig – you’ve probably heard of it, it’s a little site just up the road from the Stones that seems to have been getting a lot of publicity lately for some reason

All a bit different from Swandro - right next the main road for a start so dead easy to get to – they had 600 people visit on their first day open to the public!

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