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Dig Diary Tuesday 18th July 2017

After the wet & windy weather of the last few days we’re back to scorching hot again – it was 21 degrees in Rousay today! We’ve been overrun by the world’s media after all the fuss about our Roman coin: OK maybe I’m exaggerating a little, but we have had Huw Williams over doing interviews for both Radio Scotland and Radio Orkney. Here he is talking to one of our site directors Julie Bond (not that you can really tell it’s her with the hat & shades):

Radio Orkney visit to Swandro, Rousay

We’ve also had some video of site taken by the UHI, which has been posted on our Facebook page, featuring Alan explaining about some of today’s finds. Here he is being interviewed for Radio Orkney, not quite the same when you can’t show folk the finds though:

Alan explaining the finds from the Pictish Smithy at Swandro

The cute peedie roundhouse is coming along fine, the paving’s been removed and the internal tank’s coming up nicely. In this shot you can see three of the diggers modelling a range of sun hats – yesterday they were modelling their waterproofs and woolly hats!

The Iron Age roundhouse at Swandro, Orkney in the sun

And finally for today we’ve been 3-D laser scanning with the arrival of Dr Andy Wilson Bradford University's visualisation expert to record our buildings with research student Li Sou. The good weather has been problematic for photographic recording as the sun creates shadows.

3-D laser scanning at Swandro, Orkney


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