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Dig diary Thursday 20th July - anvil from our Pictish Smithy

I’ve just been reading the Ness of Brodgar dig diary and they’ve had a special find today – a little bit of possibly Early Bronze Age incense cup, all very exciting if you like Bronze Age pottery. Well we’ve had a very special find today too – and ours is a whole lot bigger: an anvil from our Pictish Smithy:

Anvil from the Pictish Smithy at Swandro, Orkney

This was found next to the hearth in the smithy and has clear marks on the top from where it’s been struck.

We had one very like this at the side of the hearth at the smithy at Mine Howe, Tankerness another Iron Age site with high-status metalworking. The one from Swandro looks a lot bigger though.

Our scanning team has been hard at work too – having seen them as dots in the distance here they are posing with their kit:

£-D scanning team at Swandro, Rousay, Orkney


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