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Dig diary Sunday 22nd July: another busy Swandro Sunday

Updated: Oct 27, 2018

Today was our fourth 'Swandro Sunday' where we've been running a free bus from the Rousay boat to the site to give as many people as possible the chance to visit us. They've proved very popular, with everyone enjoying both the site tours and the chance to meet our Living History re-enactors - funny how everyone seems to make a beeline for the swords though!

Magnus & Kjarten getting into the spirit of their Viking ancestors!
Magnus & Kjarten getting into the spirit of their Viking ancestors!

We would like to thank the Heritage Lottery Fund and National Lottery players for our 'Sharing Heritage' grant which enabled the presence of our Living History reenactors on site and at special events during the 2018 excavation.

Elsewhere on site it was time for some of the larger small finds - i.e.the big rocks - to be cleaned, photographed and drawn and the conglomerate base of a rotary quern looked particularly good:

Base of a rotary quern at Swandro

A nice pivot stone came out of the Pictish smithy and was both drawn and photographed:

It was a bright sunny day in parts, and as usual when you're trying to photograph something and want the shade, the sun came out at just the wrong moment during the mass stone photography session. Luckily Vikings - or at least our Vikings - come with battle banners, which are just the right size to be used for artificial shade:

Viking battle banners as shade at Swandro

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