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Dig Diary Monday 17th July 2017

Windy & wet today but who cares – our Roman coin is an international star!

The BBC started it off with a piece on the BBC news website, but the world’s media are beating a path to our door... well maybe not literally, only the Orcadian, our local paper, is actually going to come out to site, but we’ve got the Times, The Herald and the New York Archaeology magazine wanting photos, plus Steve’s going to be live on Radio Scotland tomorrow! Who would’ve believed one coin could cause so much fuss.

The press release has gone out:

Rousay in Contact with the Roman World?

The buildings here have provided some exciting results. A circular structure forming what appears to be a small roundhouse has provided an exciting find, a copper alloy Roman coin. Dr Steve Dockrill (the co-director of the project with Dr Julie Bond) commented “The bust on the coin is clearly visible although much of the lettering isn't at present clear. The reverse contains a standing figure, possibly representing the emperor with what might an image of Victory at the side. This type of coin is similar to issues dating to the mid 4th Century AD.”

You noticed I’ve managed to wean Steve away from ‘structure 2’ in favour of ‘a small roundhouse’ – we’ll get him calling it the cute peedie roundhouse yet!

More importantly back on site we waved goodbye to our finds assistant Rose Karpinski today - she’s got to dash back to Bradford to graduate – another of Team Swandro who’s collecting a First Class Honours degree – Congratulations Rose!

Even though it was a bit of a miserable day on site, we had a hardy tour group come down to visit us – well wrapped up against the weather, we hope they liked what they saw - we're always glad to see visitors, makes us feel loved & wanted:

We welcome visitors to the site at Swandro, Rousay, Orkney


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