Dig diary 5th July - it's guess what's happening in this photo day!

We like to give you insights into what really happens on a dig, so here's your mystery photo of the week - what's going on here?

No, we haven't started doing tai chi on site, this is Caz showing off her socks, having been sent into a newly photo cleaned area to put in the photographic scales. You can't go stomping around in steel toed boots when you've just spent ages carefully trowelling, so off come the boots - probably breaks some sort of health & safety rules but it's not as if she was mattocking barefoot. It was a bit bright for decent photography & we had a lot of trouble with the ground drying out as quickly as we cleaned it, but the pics were ok. Steve was photographing the later buildings which have been inserted into the top of our chambered tomb mound:

Buildings cut into our chambered tomb

There's also a nice set of later buildings up against the outer wall of the chambered tomb, with a series of edge-on stones doing something very strange - we'll need to sort that all out next week:

Outer wall of tomb with edge set stones of later buildings against it

The site is now starting to look its best again - just as well since we've had lots of visitors, who've been successfully following all our signs from Midhowe tomb. We're glad they made the effort, and also gratified that many of our visitors have made a donation to our radiocarbon appeal either on site or offline after visiting us. We even had cake today - this time baked by the very talented Kate, for Vicky's birthday:

Happy Birthday Vicky!

Since it's a day off tomorrow proceedings have now adjourned to the local pub, don't forget if you are in Orkney to come and visit us on one of our special Swandro Sundays

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