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A sea of sandbags

Backfilling again and we've now pretty much finished, the bottom of the site is full of stone and the top is now a sandbag redoubt, looking very much ready to repel invaders:

It was hard work all day, not at all helped by the muggy wet weather, no wind at all, and an invasion of midges. The 'waterproof, lasts for 8 hours' midge repellent needed reapplying about every two minutes, and the only let up was in the intervals when the rain became torrential enough to drown the little devils. Still at least we're nearly done, just a few hours more backfilling in the morning followed by packing the trailers up and we'll be ready to go. Just as well since everyone was feeling a bit broken at the end of the day.

No doubt a few beers followed by a good night's sleep and they all be fine the morn!



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