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Rubble and roaching at sunny Swandro

I know all of you south are having a heatwave, but here the weather has been distinctly chilly and wet for as long as we can remember, so it was a relief for the day to start out dry and even sunny, with only a light breeze. It gave Bonnie a chance to get her laser scanning equipment out, she's here as part of her PhD research as well as being an old hand on site:

Her PhD is: 'Investigating the loss of archaeological heritage to coastal erosion through multi-disciplinary 3D digital documentation and developing a digital recording framework for fragile coastal archaeology', which means that Swandro forms an important part of her research.

Elsewhere we were cleaning up more rubble and collapse prior to photographing, recording and removal, with the day warming up nicely, so that soon woolly hats were replaced by sun hats:

It was so warm that Star was forced to adopt the classic greyhound 'roach' position in the long grass by the sieves in order to keep cool, and then followed this up with a short mud bath in the nearby bog, necessitating a sluice off with clean water.

She is getting distinctly spoiled by the team - I swear that everyone's packing extra cheese and oatcakes to make sure that she gets her share at lunchtime. Even though she has a big breakfast before heading off to site she has managed to perfect that greyhound 'feed me I'm starving' look, which is working a treat.

Finally, I'm sorry to have to report that Elvire has let me down badly, and, after having the star finds for the last two days (the glass toggle bead on Wednesday and the spindle whorl yesterday) she only found Iron Age pottery today. Unless you're a pottery specialist IA pot is boring in the extreme, and being squished in a midden for the last 2,000 years does nothing to improve it's appearance. Elvire was suitably apologetic, and has promised to do better tomorrow:


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