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Still backfilling

What can I say about backfilling this site that hasn't been said before? It's hard, sweaty work and we need to get it done and we are persevering despite tired muscles and midges bites, and progress is being made:

There's a fair bit still to do but everyone's gritting their teeth and getting on with it. Personally I'm definitely suffering from keeping up with the youngsters - I believe I may have mentioned before how I've got T-shirts older than most of them - and today I was thinking of an old story about someone being horribly seasick crossing the Pentland Firth (the bit of water between Orkney and Scotland) where it was said that 'only the hope of dying was keeping him alive' - just have to survive until Friday!

Weather forecast is heavy rain towards the end of the week so we're cracking on to try and get the worst done by tomorrow night - have to get the tent down while it's still dry, but then of course we won't have anywhere to huddle out of the rain at tea time. Paradox or what?


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