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More information

You can listen to the Radio Orkney report about Swandro broadcast on the 22nd July 2016


The Swandro excavation has featured on the Orkneyjar website, and the articles may be read online:



2010: Coastal Erosion helping to fill in the historical gaps


2011: Rousay's heritage snatched from the sea


2013: A race against time and tide


2014: Back in Rousay to beat the elements



Excavation Reports


Since the site is still under excavation the final publication is still some way off. An interim report or data structure report is produced each year, together with research objectives for the coming season. Some of these may be downloaded as pdfs by clicking the links below:


Swandro 2016 Data Structure Report


Orkney Gateway to the Atlantic: 2010 Interim report No. 1


Swandro 2013 Data Structure Report


2017 excavation summary


Videos of the excavation


We have a series of videos about the 2011 excavation and also some from our 2017 excavation


We now have our own youtube channel and will be uploading more videos in the future.


Dig Diary


We have a dig diary which when we're in the field will keep you updated with everything that's happening in a (hopefully!) entertaining manner, when we're not digging we'll be posting background information and useful links. You can find a full index and links to all of our past dig diary entries by clicking here.



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Finally, here is a lecture podcast by the Chair of the Trust, Dr Steve Dockrill presented at the 2015 European Association of Archaeologists annual conference in Glasgow 2015.

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