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Index to the dig diary

If you want to find a particular day's dig diary, the links below will take you straight to that entry. If you don't want to miss a thing, then please follow us on Facebook we post a link to each new entry as it comes out.


Dig Diary 8th March 2018 V Gordon Childe at Skara Brae: cloche hats and cloth caps


Dig diary 28th January 2018 Broken bead or pendant roughout of jet-like material


Dig diary 7th January 2018: Musings on Mousa, Fulmars and Big Roondie Things From the Iron Age


Dig diary 30th December 2017: Viking Hnefatafl: it's all fun and games until someone loses an eye


Dig diary 23rd December 2017: Feasts, excessive drinking & elves: it’s beginning to feel a lot like Christmas!


Dig diary 4th December 2017: Summary of the results of 2017 excavation


Dig diary 22nd November 2017: The making of a masterpiece: archaeological illustration at its finest


Dig diary 7th November 2017: Extremely interesting environmental remains in honour of Julie's birthday


Dig diary 20th October 2017: Antiquarian tomb investigations or let's go howk a mound


Dig diary Saturday August 19th 2017: dig background


Dig diary Sunday 6th August 2017: Roman coin identification


Dig diary Wednesday 2nd August 2017: leaving Rousay


Dig diary Sunday 30th July 2017: site closed up for winter


Dig diary Thursday 28th July 2017: backfilling


Dig diary Thursday 27th July 2017: end-of-dig pictures and backfilling the site


Dig diary Wednesday 26th July 2017: the Pictish smithy


Dig diary Tuesday 25th July 2017: our 2017 Open Day and re-enactors


Dig diary Sunday 23rd July 2017: Open day and site videos


Dig diary Saturday 22nd July 2017: Jackie McKinlay gives a site tour


Dig diary Friday 21st July 2017: Congratulations on graduation success


Dig diary Thursday 20th July: the anvil from the Pictish smithy


Dig diary Wednesday 19th July: videos of the site


Dig diary Tuesday 18th July 2017: Radio Orkney visit to Swandro


Dig diary Monday 17th July 2017: the media coverage of the Roman coin find


Dig diary Sunday 16th July 2017: Birthday celebrations and the arrival of Alan Braby


Dig diary Saturday 15th July 2017: Structure 2 becomes the cute peedie roundhouse


Dig diary Friday 14th July 2017: The Pictish smithy and Pictish metalworking


Dig diary Thursday 13th July 2017: background to Roman coins in Orkney


Dig diary Wednesday 12th July 2017: Roman coin find, chambered tomb passageway


Dig diary Tuesday 11th July 2017: Tropically hot in Rousay


Dig diary Monday 10th July 2017: giving the site a good clean up


Dig diary Sunday 9th 2017: teaching students to dig by trowelling the beach


Dig diary Saturday 8th July 2017: musings on chambered tombs


Dig diary Friday 7th July 2017: Students on an Orkney familiarisation trip


Dig diary Thursday 6th July 2017: uncovering the site and visit by Radio Scotland


Dig diary Wednesday 5th July: first visitors of the season welcomed!


Dig diary Tuesday 4th July 2017: Happy 4th July uncovering the site


Dig diary Monday 3rd July 2017: First day on site of the 2017 season


Dig Diary 2nd July 2017: Slags and old ores: metalworking at Swandro


Dig Diary 1st July 2017: how to get to the site at Swandro


Dig diary 29th May 2017: data structure report now available


Dig diary 4th March 2017: launch of the Swandro trust logo


Dig diary February 22nd 2017:  a coin of Eanred and a storm called Doris


Dig diary 15th January 2017 101 uses for an inflated seal skin


Dig diary 2nd January 2017 Hide boats in prehistoric Orkney


Dig diary 24th December 2016 Storms and coastal erosion


Dig diary 19th December 2016 beer and kebabs in Iron Age Orkney


Dig diary 16th December 2016 Sweyn Asleifarson and the Revenge of the Otters


Dig diary 12th December 2016 archaeomagnetic dating introduced by Bran the Lurcher


Dig diary 11th December 2016 Orkney's longest selfie stick!


Dig diary 8th December 2016 aerial views of Eynhallow Sound and Swandro


Dig diary 7th December 2016 Winter digging in Orkney


Dig diary 6th December 2016 Midhowe broch – what's in a name


Dig diary 4th December 2016 Why we are digging


Dig diary 3rd December 2016 launch of the Swandro Trust