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Swandro Dig Diary: Racing Against Time and Tide

By Team Swandro, Feb 7 2017 06:45PM

Our ‘Volunteer in 2017’ page has recently been shared on Facebook by our colleagues at the Archaeology Institute and the Orkney Archaeology Society.

As a result we have been inundated with wonderful offers from numerous kind people willing to volunteer on the dig. Unfortunately given the short 4-week dig season and the limited funding, we now have many more volunteers than the places we have available. Thank you so much if you were one of those people, we would love to be able to take everyone but unfortunately it just isn’t going to be possible this year.

At the moment we have got all our fingers crossed as we are still waiting to hear the result of several grant applications that will (hopefully!) fund our 4 week season in July 2017.

I’m not sure how many people saw the Facebook post, but looking at the number of shares it has got to be around the 10,000 mark quite easily – if everyone who saw that post gave us a £10 donation we could fund our 2017 & 2018 seasons and get ourselves a good set of radiocarbon dates to go with it! Oh well, I can always dream… better buy another Euromillions lottery ticket instead!

But on the off chance that you’re reading this and feeling generous, and maybe have a tenner to spare, you can donate quite easily by PayPal using the link below – please share this post far and wide on social media - thank you!

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