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Swandro Dig Diary: Racing Against Time and Tide


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By Team Swandro, Jul 28 2017 03:16PM

Well, this is our last day on site finishing off all the backfilling and generally tidying up, taking our tea tent down and suchlike. We hope you’ve enjoyed reading this diary throughout the dig, and thank you to all who’ve supported us by making donations.

I’ve been looking through all the post shares and likes that we’ve had to see which were our most popular diary entries over the course of the dig – wonder if you can guess which ones were hits? Was it the Roman Coin? Or maybe the Pictish Smithy and the incredibly interesting hammerscale & globs of molten metal? Or the beautiful tomb passageway? Or any of the other very serious and worthy entries with lots of lovely archaeology?

Well, if you thought that you’d be dead wrong - the diary entries that were the biggest hits had one thing in common: any mention of the Vikings accompanied by pictures of semi-naked hunks with big axes with/without blood. I don’t know what exactly this says about our readership, but I believe in giving the public what they want:

OK now everyone’s happy, we’ll proceed to the archaeology

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